Wednesday, November 21, 2007

WSM Objectives

The objectives of the Web-based System Manager are:
• Simplification of AIX administration by a single interface
• Enable AIX systems to be administered from almost any client platform with a browser
that supports Java 1.3 or use downloaded client code from an AIX V5.3 code
• Enable AIX systems to be administered remotely
• Provide a system administration environment that provides a similar look and feel to the
Windows NT/2000/XP, LINUX and AIX CDE environments
The Web-based System Manager provides a comprehensive system management
environment and covers most of the tasks in the SMIT user interface. The Web-based
System Manager can only be run from a graphics terminal so SMIT will need to be used in
the ASCII environment.
To download Web-based System Manager Client code from an AIX host use the address
Supported Microsoft Windows clients for AIX 5.3 are Windows 2000 Professional version,
Windows XP Professional version, or Windows Server 2003.
Supported Linux clients are PCs running: Red Hat Enterprise Version 3, SLES 8, SLES 9,
Suse 8.0, Suse 8.1, Suse 8.2, and Suse 9.0 using desktops KDE or GNOME only.
The PC Web-based System Manager Client installation needs a minimum of 300 MB free
disk space, 512 MB memory (1GB preferred) and a 1 GHZ cpu.

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