Sunday, November 18, 2007

System management

Cluster Systems Management (CSM) for AIX and Linux
CSM is designed to minimize the cost and complexity of administering clustered and partitioned systems by enabling comprehensive management and monitoring of the entire environment from a single point of control. CSM provides:

  • Software distribution, installation and update (operating system and applications)
  • Comprehensive system monitoring with customizable automated responses
  • Distributed command execution
  • Hardware control
  • Diagnostic tools
  • Management by group
  • Both a graphical interface and a fully scriptable command line interface
In addition to providing all the key functions for administration and maintenance of distributed systems, CSM is designed to deliver the parallel execution required to manage clustered computing environments effectively. CSM supports homogeneous or mixed environments of IBM servers running AIX or Linux.

Parallel System Support Programs (PSSP) for AIX
PSSP is the systems management predecessor to Cluster Systems Management (CSM) and does not support IBM System p servers or AIX 5L™ V5.3 or above. New cluster deployments should use CSM and existing PSSP clients with software maintenance will be transitioned to CSM at no charge.

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