Friday, November 23, 2007

AIX command

AIX Control Book Creation
List the licensed program productslslpp -L
List the defined devices lsdev -C -H
List the disk drives on the system lsdev -Cc disk
List the memory on the system lsdev -Cc memory (MCA)
List the memory on the system lsattr -El sys0 -a realmem (PCI)
lsattr -El mem0
List system resources lsattr -EHl sys0
List the VPD (Vital Product Data) lscfg -v
Document the tty setup lscfg or smit screen capture F8
Document the print queues qchk -A
Document disk Physical Volumes (PVs) lspv
Document Logical Volumes (LVs) lslv
Document Volume Groups (long list) lsvg -l vgname
Document Physical Volumes (long list) lspv -l pvname
Document File Systems lsfs fsname
Document disk allocation df
Document mounted file systems mount
Document paging space (70 - 30 rule) lsps -a
Document paging space activation /etc/swapspaces
Document users on the system /etc/passwd
lsuser -a id home ALL
Document users attributes /etc/security/user
Document users limits /etc/security/limits
Document users environments /etc/security/environ
Document login settings (login herald) /etc/security/login.cfg
Document valid group attributes /etc/group
lsgroup ALL
Document system wide profile /etc/profile
Document system wide environment /etc/environment
Document cron jobs /var/spool/cron/crontabs/*
Document skulker changes if used /usr/sbin/skulker
Document system startup file /etc/inittab
Document the hostnames /etc/hosts
Document network printing /etc/hosts.lpd
Document remote login host authority /etc/hosts.equiv

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