Sunday, November 18, 2007

BM System Cluster 1600

BM System Cluster 1600 systems are comprised of IBM POWER5™ and POWER5+™ symmetric multiprocessing (SMP) servers running AIX 5L™ or Linux®. Cluster 1600 is a highly scalable cluster solution for large-scale computational modeling and analysis, large databases and business intelligence applications and cost-effective datacenter, server and workload consolidation. Cluster 1600 systems can be deployed on Ethernet networks, InfiniBand networks, or with the IBM High Performance Switch and are typically managed with Cluster Systems Management (CSM) software, a comprehensive tool designed specifically to streamline initial deployment and ongoing management of cluster systems.

Common features

· Highly scalable AIX 5L or Linux cluster solutions for large-scale computational modeling, large databases and cost-effective data center, server and workload consolidation

· Cluster Systems Management (CSM) software for comprehensive, flexible deployment and ongoing management

· Cluster interconnect options: industry standard 1/10Gb Ethernet (AIX 5L or Linux), IBM High Performance Switch (AIX 5L and CSM) SP Switch2 (AIX 5L and PSSP); 4x/12x InfiniBand (AIX 5L or SLES 9); or Myrinet (Linux)

· Operating system options: AIX 5L Version 5.2 or 5.3, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 8 or 9, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4

· Complete software suite for creating, tuning and running parallel applications: Engineering & Scientific Subroutine Library (ESSL), Parallel ESSL, Parallel Environment, XL Fortran, VisualAge C++

· High-performance, high availability, highly scalable cluster file system General Parallel File System (GPFS)

· Job scheduling software to optimize resource utilization and throughput: LoadLeveler®

· High availability software for continuous access to data and applications: High Availability Cluster Multiprocessing (HACMP™)
Hardware summary

· Mix and match IBM POWER5 and POWER5+ servers:
· IBM System p5™ 595, 590, 575, 570, 560Q, 550Q, 550, 520Q, 520, 510Q, 510, 505Q and 505

· IBM eServer™ p5 595, 590, 575, 570, 550, 520, and 510

· Up to 128 servers or LPARs (AIX 5L or Linux operating system images) per cluster depending on hardware; higher scalability by special order

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